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Privacy Policy
ITM-SYSTEM pays attention to respect Internet users and their rights especially the right to privacy. That’s why we collect minimal amount of information necessary for proper functioning of our website and other websites that belong to ITM-SYSTEM . We created this Privacy Policy document to let you know how your personal information is collected and processed.

Bases of our Privacy Policy:
  • we collect only data you delivered to us;
  • we don’t use your data for purposes other than you agreed to
  • we don’t disclose your data  to third parties 
  • we ensure you can check what data we collected and correct them
  • we stop processing your data as soon as you wish
  • we strictly obey Personal Data Protection Act (Ustawa z dnia 29.08.97r. o Ochronie Danych Osobowych. Dz. U. Nr 133 poz. 883.);
  • we react quickly to your queries regarding our Privacy Policy.
The Privacy Policy is applied to all activities under control of ITM-SYSTEM , especially website ITM-SYSTEM  is not responsible for any data collected by other websites, which are not owned by ITM-SYSTEM or to which there are links placed on our websites. Using is considered as your acceptance to the Privacy Policy statements.

Purposes of data collecting by ITM-SYSTEM :
  • constant improvement of service quality and adjustment to better fulfil your needs,
  • holding contests organised by ITM-SYSTEM,
  • information about new products and services of ITM-SYSTEM
  • marketing research
  • contacts with users, business partners and third parties related to ITM-SYSTEM

Sharing your data with third parties
ITM-SYSTEM does not share any personal data with third parties except with the user’s permission and for purposes of organs empowered to ask us for your data by the law such as police, prosecutor office and legal courts on suspicion of breaching the law. ITM-SYSTEM reserves the possibility to share consolidated statistical data and other information without direct identification of particular users.

Collecting information about users
ITM-SYSTEM collects data about users from subsequent sources:
a)Registration forms
When you want to use our services, you will be asked to fill in a registration form letting us to know more about you. You have the right to refuse your approval for ITM-SYSTEM to process your data for marketing purposes with no consequences. You have the right to access and edit your personal data. At any time you can ask ITM-SYSTEM to delete and to cease collecting your data.
b) Cookies
ITM-SYSTEM uses „cookies”, i.e. small text files with information stored on your computer hard drive. Thanks to this we are able to collect basic information about your visits frequency and your favourite parts of the websites. We use this information only to create visits statistics in the websites belonging to ITM-SYSTEM and to adjust them to your needs. “Cookies” allow you to influence the development of ITM-SYSTEM  systems. You have the right to refuse to  store „cookies” on your computer hard drive. Every web browser offers an option to reject storing cookies. As an example: using Internet Explorer you need to go to „Tools”/”Internet Options”/”Privacy”/”Advanced”/”Override automatic cookie handle”. You can also delete „cookies” already stored on your computer hard drive by using „Tools”/”General”/”Delete”/”Delete cookies…”. ITM-SYSTEM has no responsibility for cookies sent by other websites or by websites to which there are links placed on pages of other websites owned by ITM-SYSTEM .
c) IP addresses
Like most websites, ITM-SYSTEM collects and analyses access logs with information about users’ IP addresses. Such information is used for administrative purposes, but most of all for statistical research.
d) Email addresses from communication with ITM-SYSTEM
All users of have the possibility of  contacting us by e-mail addresses from our websites. ITM-SYSTEM collects and stores emails for statistics and to answer your questions as soon as possible. ITM-SYSTEM  guarantees that email addresses collected this way will not be used for any other purposes than answering the question you asked. Any other communication may be provided with the user’s approval.
e) External parties
ITM-SYSTEM doesn’t collect personal data from external parties, unless this data is connected with agreements execution with those parties and unless it is used with approval. ITM-SYSTEM  does not send unsolicited messages especially commercial information. ITM-SYSTEM supports all activities towards internet spam reduction.
f) ITM-SYSTEM newsletter
E-mail data coming from newsletter subscription will be used only to send you information about new services, promotions, new partners and changes in our company and our website. Mailing lists subscribers can give up receiving e-mails sent by ITM-SYSTEM at any time.

Changes in Privacy Policy
ITM-SYSTEM offer will be changing over time. This means that our Privacy Policy may be modified in the future. Every Privacy Policy document will be marked with a proper date. Changes most important for users will be marked. If you use ITM-SYSTEM website after this date, it means that you accept new version of Privacy Policy.

Questions and suggestions
In case of any questions, doubts or suggestions related to our Privacy Policy, please contact us at
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